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30 Meditations Inspired by Transforming Trauma & Spirituality 

now available on Amazon.com and will be available in other bookstores and libraries soon!

I invite you to take a Look Inside my new book! And, after you read it, I would LOVE your review!

Here is a taste of TRANSFIGURATION:

"Transforming trauma, an embodied interior transfiguring process, leads to post-traumatic spiritual growth. We are soul-wounded. This soul-sounding is about how we are severed from our authentic selves at the deepest place in us, the numinous terrain of our souls, our embodied being."

"At all junctures in this transformational journey, we are called to walk through thresholds of returning, sacred gateways or portals, which lead us deeper into our embodied interior landscape."

"This is our return. This is our transfiguration: we are radically changed psycho-emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As we pass through thresholds of returning, we transform...we are changed. We are made anew...through our transfiguration, we become who we are meant to be; and, in doing so, we come home to our authentic selves--a place of belonging."

In awe,
Ava Dasya


Ava Dasya Rasa, MSW, MA, LCSW-C, is a Neuro-Somatic Transpersonal Trauma, Grief, and Contemplative Spirituality Renewal Psychotherapist and Coach. She is an author, poet, speaker, teacher, and Spiritual Director. Ava Dasya's newly published debut book, TRANSFIGURATION 30 Meditations Inspired by Transforming Trauma & Spirituality is now available on AMAZON. It is sold on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and eBook. I would love for you to explore it; and, if so moved, read it and write a review on Amazon!


Ava Dasya Rasa is a Trauma, Grief, and Spirituality Life Coach. She offers PACKAGES for individuals and will soon be offering an ONLINE COURSE, based on her debut book, TRANSFIGURATION, 30 Meditations Inspired by Transforming Trauma & Spirituality. Stay tuned!


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Author: Ava Dasya Rasa, MSW, MA, LCSW-C